1) N-UNCOUNT Society is people in general, thought of as a large organized group.

This reflects attitudes and values prevailing in society...

He maintains Islam must adapt to modern society.

2) N-VAR: with supp A society is the people who live in a country or region, their organizations, and their way of life.

We live in a capitalist society.

...those responsible for destroying our African heritage and the fabric of our society.

...the complexities of South African society.

3) N-COUNT A society is an organization for people who have the same interest or aim.

...the North of England Horticultural Society.

...the historical society.

4) N-UNCOUNT: oft N n Society is the rich, fashionable people in a particular place who meet on social occasions.

The couple quickly became a fixture of society pages.

...the high season for society weddings.

5) See also building society

English dictionary. 2008.